Benefits of learning martial arts

Healthy Lifestyle

Martial arts is a great catalyst to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It teaches discipline and promotes nutrition and recovery. Since martial arts training is so physically demanding, it promotes people to eat clean. The physical strain on the body requires the right micronutrients to heal and grow.  Martial arts also improves mental clarity by demanding you to focus and participate in a form of meditation to remain calm and in the moment. Through physical training and proper breathing, the body releases endorphins which make you feel stronger and happier. Martial arts is great for mental acuity and shedding some unwanted weight, which inevitably leads to more self confidence.

Weight Loss

Whether it’s poor eating habits or an addiction to sugar, many of us fall off the wagon throughout the years, and put on some unwanted pounds.  Martial arts is the most complete and effective workout you can, and allows you to achieve supreme physical fitness.  It kick starts the weight loss rapid and speeds up your metabolism.  Burning 1,000 calories plus in a single workout really adds up quickly, and can have you looking slimmer in no time.

Improves Focus

Martial arts is a great way to enhance the mind, as well as the body. A great portion of it deals with our mental health, and being able to remain focused on our inner being.  Paying attention to our state of mind is vital during training.  This is done by proper breathing techniques, meditation, and the practice of martial arts principles throughout daily life. (Honour, respect, courage, perseverance, etc.) Developing proper technique directly enhances our focus because it synchronizes our mind and body.


Mobility and agility are pillars for any martial artist.  If you’re looking to improve these areas, and build up your body’s response to pressure, martial arts is the way to do it.  The movements and speeds involved will force your body to adapt and become more limber.  Flexibility is also required as high kicks, throws, and acrobatic evasions are an important part of a few disciplines.  Stability and improved coordination will also come from training, as it requires lower body strength and balance.  Incorporating training will definitely help you if you’re clumsy or lack coordination.

Stress Relief

Becoming more centered and having a better “flow” to your life are direct results of martial arts training.  It teaches awareness, and rids your mind of distractions in order to be present.  Staying physically fit and mentally sharp helps us deal with stress, and better handle unexpected situations. It creates a kind of calm and relaxation while dealing with life’s challenges.

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