Boxing at MAFA

Boxing at MAFA

Boxing at MAFA

Boxing Champion Canelo just signed onto the richest deal in sports history- earning himself a $365 million contract in one foul swoop. Being a lucrative sport for the professionals, it is also a superior physical sport in the athletics industry.

At MAFA we may not be able to promise you a million dollar payoff- but our boxing classes can provide you with an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and work out your body.

Read on to learn more about what becoming a MAFA member can do for you!

Group Training

We offer a renowned martial arts platform for those interested in fighting style workouts, as well as fitness programs geared towards those seeking something other than combat activity. Located in Mississauga, MAFA hosts a wide range of group training classes and one-on-one sessions. Among boxing, we also offer our members classes in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Shekicks, a women’s only Muay Thai program.

If learning a new physical activity seems like a formidable task- then why not begin in a setting where everyone else is in the same boat as you! Training in a group has many benefits- whether it is finding the right comfort level, team mentality, or social aspect- there is something for everyone.

Working out in a group setting can provide inspiration and motivation for yourself. Looking towards others for support and understanding while learning a new combative sport builds your physical strength as well as a support network.

If you are hesitant to join our boxing classes at MAFA, why not sign up with a friend! That way, you can learn a new skill, break a sweat, and hang out socially, all while improving your overall health and state of mind! Staying active and being social has never been easier.

Moving Forward

Our facility boasts a premier training team and combat active workouts that can provide a physical outlet for all of our members. Boxing is a rigorous sport, meant to harness the body’s full potential as a means to exact precise force outwards. Regularly attending our boxing classes at MAFA can strengthen your muscles and sharpen your focus. By honing these skills physically and mentally, you may just see positive outcomes in other aspects of your life!

Whether you decide to participate in our group training or one-on-one sessions- MAFA Martial Arts Fitness Academy is here to provide you with opportunities to grow both physically and mentally. Contact us to become a member today!