Boxing at MAFA

Boxing at MAFA

Boxing at MAFA

Whether you are a Rocky fan or not, boxing can be a great way to get fit. A workout for your body and your mind, boxing at MAFA can be the perfect way to exercise, build muscle, and develop discipline all at the same time.

Read on to learn the benefits of boxing and the advantages you can gain by joining our MAFA family.

Benefits of Boxing

There are many benefits to boxing at MAFA. This type of workout can develop both the body and the mind. Boxing can help strengthen muscle, build discipline, alleviate stress, and establish self-confidence.

By taking up boxing, you can not only get fit while having fun, but you can develop the mental skills that can help you in your overall lifestyle. Throwing punches in a class setting can up your heart rate and workout your cardio and respiratory systems. Boxing develops upper body strength and hand-eye coordination. Keeping your body in prime condition and your reflexes as quick as can be is easy when you train in our boxing classes. Joining MAFA can provide you with an outlet for releasing the stress and anxiety in your life while having fun.

Above and Beyond

Our facility provides knowledgeable and passionate trainers to help you become the best boxer you can be. MAFA Martial Arts Fitness Academy focuses on providing the highest quality of classes and fitness services to all of their clients. Our trainers and instructors are energetic, and fitness-focused, so they can help you reach your personal goals on your own terms. MAFA views our employees and clients as one big family that can support and encourage each other to become the best fighters we can be!

MAFA also offers a wide range of other combat activities besides boxing that includes Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Shekicks, a women’s only Muay Thai class. We even offer personal training sessions for individuals that would like a workout to focus on something other than combat. Located in the westside Greater Toronto Area, our facility can provide you with the equipment, classes, and space you need to get the workout you’ve been craving.

So no need to travel all the way to Philadelphia and climb the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, also known as the Rocky steps, to feel like you got a workout worthwhile!  

Become a member online or visit us at our Mississauga location to join MAFA and start your boxing training today!