Boxing Lessons Near Me

Boxing Lessons Near Me

Boxing Lessons Near Me

Was your New Year’s resolution to get yourself out of your comfort zone, to develop a new skill, or take up a new hobby? With January almost over, now is the time to act! Here at Martial Arts Fitness Academy, known as MAFA for short, we are offering Mississauga residents a way to fulfill their resolutions while working up a sweat, with our boxing lessons!

Please continue to read on to learn why you should come to our facility for your boxing lesson needs!


Let’s face it, trying something new, or pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, can be a daunting experience for people of all ages. Once you do it though, it’s an exhilarating feeling that leaves you wanting more.

MAFA is a fitness-friendly club, meaning we welcome everyone, regardless of baseline fitness. With a focus on body weight exercise, you will be able to participate at your own pace, adding intensity only if you feel ready.

We take strong pride in the community we have built through our staff, members and partnerships. We teach, learn, sweat & grow together every day. MAFA is our home away from home, and we want it to be yours too, as we provide a welcoming and accepting environment for everyone.

Lesson Type

You’re in charge at MAFA, as you will be able to choose how you want to learn boxing. Choose to take your boxing lessons to the next level and train in the ring, or focus on your form and physic with our classes outside of the ring.

Learning boxing in the ring means you will be focusing on landing and taking punches with human opponents, whereas our group lessons will allow you to explore the movements and forms of boxing without the fear of getting hit.

Whichever you choose, learn to jab, uppercut, hook, while working on your footwork, speed, strength, and flexibility! As MAFA is a combat activity gym, we also offer an array of MMA and fitnesses classes for those looking to try something new but in a different fighting style.

Start Now!

Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your mind and body to learn something new. Join our facility and cross off your New year’s resolutions!

Become a member online or visit us at our Mississauga location to join MAFA and start your boxing training today! We look forward to training you.