Fitness Classes at MAFA

Fitness Classes at MAFA

Fitness Classes at MAFA

Looking to work up a sweat, take out your frustration, and stay active all at the same time? By joining us here at Martial Arts Fitness Academy, or MAFA, you can take part in an array of fitness classes geared towards combat style workouts. By joining our facility, you can proactively kick those negative feelings to the curb!

A Class for Everyone

Sometimes the best way to rid yourself of those pesky negative thoughts is to work them out of your system. Working up a sweat can flood our body with endorphins. These hormones create a chemical reaction in our body that leaves us with a feeling of elation and pride.

Our fitness classes at MAFA are lead by a top-notch team of trainers as a means to empower all of our members. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert in the ways of combat training, MAFA has classes for all levels!

Located in the Westside Greater Toronto Area, MAFA offers a wide range of fitness classes- among them being, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. We even provide a women’s only Muay Thai class called Shekicks, as a means to promote combat activity in a comfortable environment for those unfamiliar with the sport. We also offer personal training programs if you decide our combat geared fitness classes aren’t for you. So no matter your comfort level, we have something for everyone!

By joining MAFA and taking part in our fitness classes, you can be proud of the workouts you’ll receive at our facility. Whether you’re looking to work off those negative thoughts or working towards creating positive thoughts- our fitness classes could work for you!

Moving Forward

Staying active is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, leading to an overall more positive outlook on life. Take part in our combat style classes and receive the benefits almost immediately! Say goodbye to those negative feelings and take home a sense of pride at completing a tough class, or an overall sense of euphoria from the rush of endorphins.

By joining us at MAFA and taking part in the many fitness classes we offer, you can stay abreast of those negative emotions and proactively replace them with positive ones! An active body is a happy mind!

To learn more about what MAFA has to offer you, contact us today, or continue to peruse our site at your leisure.