Fitness Classes Near Me

Fitness Classes Near Me

Fitness Classes Near Me

Do you like to mix up your workouts, keeping your routine fresh and your body engaged? Is it starting to become a bit overwhelming and time consuming putting in the research to create these in-depth fitness regiments? Here at Martial Arts Fitness Academy, MAFA for short, we offer the Mississauga area an array of fitness and active combat classes to cater to all of your workout needs, so you can hand over the responsibility and completely turn your mind and body over to the workout.


Our premier training and fitness facility offers Boxing, Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jits. We even provide Shekicks, a women’s only technical Muay Thai program, for those who find it more comfortable to work out with other females.

Aside from our combat classes, we provide fitness classes focused on strength and cardio for those less interested in learning different fighting styles. On top of all of this, MAFA also offers personal training sessions for those seeking one-on-one attention.

 Expert Teaching

Our coaches and personal trainers are fully certified, wholly knowledgeable, and completely experienced with martial arts, fitness, diet, and nutrition so they will be able to assist you with your weight loss and fitness goals while guiding you through the entire process.

Learn MMA from mixed martial artists themselves. Partake in fitness classes coached by certified professionals, who are experts in their craft, and that can teach you fighting forms in your own time.

Obtain first-hand instruction and knowledge, either one on one or as part of a group, with our long list of possible classes!


As our coaches and trainers will work with you, setting out your fitness goals and pushing you to reach them, you will see the results you want. Becoming a member of MAFA means receiving the support and instruction to excel body and mind.

With regular, full body workouts, you will be able to obtain the weight loss and fitness goals you always dreamed about.

 Become A Member

MAFA is a not just a premier fitness academy, we are a community and a family. Our mission is to teach, learn, sweat, and grow together every day. Our Mississauga facility provides the area with fantastic fitness classes, combat-focused and otherwise, that will leave you sweating and satisfied.

 Please feel free to continue to browse our website, or contact us online for more information on our classes, location, hours of operation, or to become a member today!


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