Locate A Boxing Gym In Mississauga

Locate A Boxing Gym In Mississauga

Locate A Boxing Gym In Mississauga

Have you always enjoyed the idea of learning boxing, or other combat activities, but were unsure when it came to signing up for classes? Did you feel intimidated at the thought of beginning a new skill as an adult, or around strangers? If so, we at MAFA can help! Our Martial Arts Fitness Academy is one big family, as we have cultivated an accepting community that strives to support one another- staff and members alike- to do better and learn new skills. To locate a boxing gym in Mississauga that offers a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere to learn, consider joining us at MAFA this summer! Keep reading below to find out more information about our welcoming gym environment.

Community Driven

Our motto is to teach, learn, sweat, and grow together every day. MAFA is our home away from home, and we want our facility to feel the same way for all of our members! With this in mind, we cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and growth, making it the perfect gym for those just starting out on their fitness journey! We are always ready to add another member to our family.

All Levels Welcome

Our Mississauga facility provides boxing and combat classes, and individual sessions, for people of all skill levels. If you are new to a combat sport, our trained professionals will always take the time to teach you the proper forms and techniques so you can safely and accurately execute the required moves without injury to yourself or others. Many of our trainers have real-world experience in the fighting ring, so they are very knowledgeable at teaching in-depth lessons for those who are already well versed in boxing.

Join Today

To locate a boxing gym in Mississauga, all you have to do is look to MAFA and our local facility at 2295 Dunwin Drive, conveniently situated in the area. Become a member this June and start cultivating your skills and raising your fitness level with our trained members of staff! We are open every day of the week and are ready and waiting to aid you in your workout and combat activity endeavours. Take the leap and join today- you won’t be disappointed!

Please click here to find our contact information online, and become a member at our Mississauga facility, or inquire more about our boxing and combat classes, as well as our entire gym facility.