Martial Arts at MAFA

Martial Arts at MAFA

Martial Arts at MAFA

By joining our martial arts classes at MAFA Martial Arts Fitness Academy, you could benefit from a total body workout, weight loss benefits, and improved cardiovascular health, as well as a multitude of mental advantages.

Working out at MAFA means pushing your body and mind while learning about fighting styles. Martial arts refers to the codified method and traditional form of combat practices. This style of fighting teaches self-defence and discipline, as well as physical and mental development.

If this sounds like the type of combative class you would like to take part in, then read on to learn more about what martial arts have to offer you!

Technical Focus

At MAFA, our martial art classes focus on the primary technical forms of the style. Our trainers can teach you how to effectively use strikes, the motion of punching and kicking, without hurting yourself. Our Martial art classes also concentrate on the proper methods of grappling, including throwing, locks and holds, and pinning techniques.

This combative art form is about knowing your body and using it to overcome adversity. By concentrating on the technical skills needed to master martial arts, MAFA classes can help develop your muscle mass, as well as your self-esteem.

Practising martial arts is not just about training the body to complete the different positions and forms, it is also about the mental and spiritual side of discipline.

Spiritual Orientation

Martial arts take many forms- from Hapkido and Judo to Jiu Jitsu and wrestling- when you actively and routinely participate in these forms, they train more than just your body.

Throughout history, martial arts has been linked to various religious and spiritual figures. Many forms are considered to have been created, practiced, and disseminated by monks and nuns throughout Asia. Because of this spiritual influence, mental strength is considered just as important as physical strength. The art of meditation can be included in the training, as a means to discipline the mind as well as the body.

The concept of energy flow, specifically through the body and mind and out into the world, factors into martial arts training. Breathing techniques are included within the classes as a means to elevate the mind and body together. This spiritual side of the combat form can be utilized in your everyday life as well. Harnessing these methods could help you with relaxation, calmness, self-consciousness and mental focus- all reliable and valuable qualities needed in the world outside of our facility.

At MAFA our trainers and members alike teach, learn, sweat, and grow together every day.

Therefore, if you are interested in working out your body and mind simultaneously- then our martial arts classes at MAFA could be right for you! Contact us today to get started.