Our MAFA Martial Arts Fitness Academy facility is located in Mississauga and offers combat training to all of our clients, with a focus on MMA classes. By participating in these combat oriented classes, our clients can see an improvement in their bodies, minds, and overall health, with just a few visits!

To discover if combat classes are a right fit for you (spoiler, they can be) then read on!

Mixed Martial Arts

By joining in our MMA classes with MAFA, our Mississauga clientele can reap the health benefits of this combat style of exercise. Martial arts classes are a total body workout, as they are high-aerobic movements that use every muscle group in your body. Improve your flexibility, balance, and strength when you participate in these weekly classes.

You could also see weight loss, muscle gain, and improved cardiovascular health. The mental wellbeing of our clients will also improve with regular visits to our facility, as martial arts can cultivate self-discipline and confidence.

Comfort is Key

Feeling comfortable can be critical to having a great workout. It is vital to find yourself space where you can exercise without feeling cramped, awkward, or nervous. These negative feelings can take away from the focus you need to execute a perfect conditioning routine. Here at MAFA, we understand the need for a comfortable workout space, that is why our facility offers an area full of high-quality equipment and a gym free from judgment. So come on down to our MAFA facility in Mississauga and focus on your MMA form without sweating the small stuff!


Our martial arts classes are very inclusive and can work with a range of fitness levels, body types, and ages. MAFA also offers a Muay Thai class known as Shekicks, which is a women’s only group. This class was created to give a safe space to those who would like to try out this combat sport without the fear of feeling awkward or watched.

MAFA is a not just a premier fitness academy, we are a community and a family. Our mission is to teach, learn, sweat, and grow together every day. Our Mississauga facility provides a well-equipped space to learn the fundamentals of martial arts while participating in community-oriented MAFA classes taught by professionally trained MMA instructors.

There are no prerequisites to joining MAFA, all you need is an itch to workout and the enthusiasm to learn the ropes! Become a member online or in person and start sweating today!