Muay Thai World Championships

Muay Thai World Championships

World Muay Thai Championships

This years IFMA Muay Thai World Championships takes place in Cancun, Mexico from May 10 to May 19. The event follows The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland and World Championships 2017 in Minsk, Belarus. International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA), which governs the sport, recently shared the “remarkable facts” about the upcoming event. “The World Championships in Mexico already made history before it was even announced,” outlined in the statement.

First time an American continent will host World Muay Thai Championships

Muay Thai participation in the American continent is on the rise with the United States Muay Thai Federation bringing a record number of teams to the last three Youth World Championships. Canada has been a leading force in the world of Muay Thai with such outstanding athletes like Janice Lyn, who is the chair of the IFMA Athlete Commission or Candice Mitchell who has won multiple Muay Thai tournaments.

Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina have been regular participants at IFMA events and multi-sport games. Today countries like Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay and Honduras are becoming competitors against the long-established federations and World Championship participants in their continent.

World’s most decorated athletes

2017 was a year full of events for Muay Thai with the Asian Beach Games, World Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and World Muay Thai Championships. All these events turned national athletes into international heroes who won medals, got people’s choice prizes and spent hours of photo sessions with fans. Kazakhstan, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Thailand and many more confirmed their team list with every athlete having won medals at IFMA events and multi-sport games during 2017. The World Championships in Cancun will be an event where continental Muay Thai stars will gather under one event and compete for the most prestigious awards in Muay Thai.

Record number of participants expected

With the host country location allowing the South American countries to send much bigger teams to participate in the World Championships 2018 making it the most attended event ever. It will be the first time and also a great opportunity for South American teams to take a detour to Mexico and send big teams which combined with regular teams from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania will give unseen numbers and an amazing blend of cultures.

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