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Are you interested in learning about how to box? Our boxing trainers are current or ex – boxers. You will be learning the ropes from individuals who have stepped foot in the ring with real opponents and really know what it takes to boost your skills. By training for a boxer’s endurance you are going to burn more calories from fat in the shortest time frame as we have combined different parts of a real boxer’s specialized work out with extreme fitness drills.

Real Boxing Technique

Boxers training combine strength, balance, speed, stamina and agility supported by a higher amount of mental conditioning. Come train with the experts and find out the techniques to turn you into a competent boxer.

Personal Training

We offer personal training services for boxing and muay thai. Your personal trainer after assessing your fitness level and skills with what you desire ultimately, will develop a program that’s just right for you. You can go toe-to-toe with an individual trainer within our regulated boxing ring. Our TRAINERS will inspire you and force you to definitely do better every session.

Group Training

Group boxing classes are a wonderful way to learn the art of boxing in an engaging and friendly group setting. We carefully coach everyone inside our studio so no one gets left out as we ensure a far more personalized and quality service. We will continually be open to answer questions, offer reviews and help with safe techniques.