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  • More Personal Attention

    While in large classes trainers are not always able to correct each member individually, so it helps to be in a small group and have more personal attention.

  • Support

    You can get help by both the trainer and other participants through the challenges of the workout and the obstacles in life.

  • Social Motivation

    Training by yourself or with one other trainer can be slow paced at times but in the group setting the motivation you get from friendly competition with your peers will always push your LIMITS!

  • Economical

    With your fundamentals covered you can still become an expert in muay thai, boxing, and fitness through group training by paying much less than one-on-one personal training sessions as it is our most expensive service.

  • Variety & Fun

    Doing the same old routine is a dull and a bore after a while leading to less motivation. We ensure our group training services always provide a variety of new exercises and challenges to give a whole new level of fun in fitness.

  • Results

    Dedicate yourself to a well-constructed group training program with people who will not let you down, you will get the results.