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Muaythai martial arts studio for people of Brampton Ontario

Our services have been organized from the start to bring quality and authentic Muay Thai Training to people of all levels here in Brampton, Ontario. We welcome all, whether you are a professional or beginner, training to compete or just for your own health and fitness. We offer affordable training classes with a supportive and positive atmosphere.

What is Muay Thai

As Thailand’s national sport and a full body combative martial art, it is now practiced in all parts of the world being the foundation to stand-up fighting for any martial artist. Traditional Muay Thai which practiced today is similar to Western boxing as it uses kicks and punches in a ring with gloves.

Muay Thai is well-known as  ‘The Art of the 8 Limbs’ , as the hands, shins, elbows, and knees are all used in well-rounded style to attack an opponent at many levels from head to toe. A practitioner of Muay Thai thus has the capacity to execute strikes using 8 points of contact instead of 2 points (fists), which is used in Western boxing or even 4 points (fists, feet) in general kickboxing.

What you can achieve

There are no limits to what you can achieve as we are a training ground which offers programs for everyone regardless of their fitness level, size or physical limitations.

  • Whether you are a professional athlete looking for that extra edge
  • Whether you are a beginner with no idea where to start,
  • Whether you want to learn and practice muay thai to become a fighter
  • Whether you want to be trained personally one-on-one and learn the art from A-Z
  • Whether you want to be motivated in a group by our group training services

We acknowledge all known degrees of fitness and fight experience, from vacationers, fitness lovers, holiday-makers, professional fighters and players who come to improve techniques and plan tournaments to help expand their profession.