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Personal Training

If you’re not ready to train in a class or do not like the idea of training in front of others at a commercial style fitness center then personal training is a great way to get in shape while staying in your own comfort zone.

How personal training will help

If you wish to fast track your progress, whether it’s to improve Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing or to lose excess weight, personal training is simply perfect for you. Our services have a lot of expert trainers, each of whom are highly qualified and have extensive experience. You can benefit through one-on-one workout sessions that happen to be conducted outside our normal course hours. It indicates that all the interest is focused on you with no interruptions. This permits people, who are a little shy, to feel relaxed as at that time no other students found or is great for those wanting to train with optimal focus!

  • Beginner: If you are a beginner that prefers privacy while learning the basics of training properly then you must go for our personal training sessions by our expert trainers.
  • Flexible schedule: The lifestyle you are living often leaves you with very little flexibility in your schedule, which often results in not having the time to make classes for the activities you love. Through personal training appointments you can have a trainer with the flexibility to train at the time when you are at your best.
  • When you need an extra push to achieve goals: It isn′t uncommon to reduce interest and motivation after dedicating and working towards your goals. Personal training is the perfect way to make you accountable to your results.
  • Learn to train the correct way: Personal trainers focus on the minor details that you may miss through their experience and education. Advantages of having your own private trainer include; proper form and technique, sport specific training, new ideas and perspectives, and injury prevention.
  • Specific training: Have a specific goal? Share it with our trainers, they will help build a program that will help you better advance towards your goal.