Should I learn MMA at a gym

Mental Approach

Mixed martial arts will teach you discipline.  It teaches discipline to both the mind and body by teaching proper eating, sleeping, and training right.  This discipline and new found knowledge leads to a boost in confidence. Knowing how to defend yourself and seeing what you’re capable of builds confidence in everyone.  Your mind is a bit calmer, freer, and relaxed.  When you know how to throw a punch or submit someone, the threat of a physical confrontation isn’t that scary. (Remember, it’s always easier and smarter to walk away when possible) Mixed martial arts also teaches competition. MMA is a two person sport which means there has to be a winner and a loser. You’ll really surprise yourself at how far you’re able to push through when in a competitive scenario. This push and struggle leads to mental clarity and is a massive stress reliever.

Physical Aspect

The best workout you can get. Mixed martial arts is a full body, heavy duty workout. Whether it’s boxing or grappling, sparring or drilling for 3-5 minute rounds is extreme cardio. That’s why MMA athletes are in top physical condition. There’s no piece of cardio equipment that can keep up with the grueling demands of MMA training.  On top of the fitness side, the main reason people train MMA is for self defense.  Being able to defend yourself instills confidence and a belief in yourself that no other sport or training can. Having the inner believe to know that you’ll be okay if something were to arise is a freeing and satisfying feeling. The training also fulfils the need for physical expression. You can blow off steam on a heavy bag or pad, and release aggression with no threat of repercussions in a controlled and safe environment.

MMA will help you with discipline and overall physical fitness. It’s an engaging and fun activity that requires focus and drive. There’s no other form of exercise that will get you in the kind of shape that mixed martial arts can. The dedication to get better, and endless amount of movements and techniques to learn, keeps your mind sharp. If you’re looking to mix up your fitness regime, MMA is your best bet.

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