Should I take boxing classes?


Investing in a pair of hand wraps is probably a good idea. They protect your hands and knuckles when punching the bag or pads, and provide a barrier between you and your rental gloves. (Also, you can throw the wraps in the washer after class) You’ll also want a pair of supportive training shoes that you can easily pivot on the balls of your feet. (Unless you’re doing kickboxing, which is usually shoe less) Standard gym attire is permitted, and be prepared to sweat. It’s a good idea to drink lots of water before, during, and after class to stay hydrated. Show up early, be present, and don’t be intimidated, everyone is here to help.

Full body workout

It’s a good idea to take a rest day before your first boxing class. Boxing is unlike a regular gym workout or cardio training. It’s a head to toe sport that incorporates a ton of core and lower body at a fast pace. The technique, stances, and cues will come with time, but at first you’re going to be sore just going through the motions, and feeling muscles you didn’t know you had. That’s okay, it’s normal. Try not to go all out with your punches. Getting overzealous can lead to injury when you don’t have the technique down.  Keep things controlled, and remember to keep your wrists straight and make contact with your two strongest knuckles. (index & middle fingers) Just connect, the power will come later.

Mental Side

You’re going to suck at first, and that’s okay. Boxing is challenging mentally and physically. Combinations and movements are complicated, but remember it took professionals years to master the craft, and even they can make mistakes. Be ready to mess up, forget combinations, and feel awkward. Don’t let it discourage you, it’s all part of it. Stay focused and keep learning. One massive pro for boxing class is that it forces you to be present, in the moment, and focused on something very specific. There is no room for distractions, so plan on leaving your phone in the car. It’s a beautiful form of meditation when done properly. Go at your own pace, and think of what you’re doing with every movement.


Boxing classes are a tight knit community. Everyone is here to get in shape and chase personal goals at all levels. It’s a supportive environment where everyone pushes each other to get better. We’re all learning from each other and growing together. All different sizes and shapes can get something from boxing. The camaraderie that comes along with it is unmatched.

Physical and Mental Improvements 

Boxing ramps up your metabolism, builds strength, and improves hand eye coordination and core stability. On the mental side, boxing helps you focus, relieve stress, and build confidence.  The best therapy you can give yourself starts the moment you hit the bag.

Check out the class schedules and come in for a trial workout to see what you’re missing. Find more information about boxing classes at M.A.F.A by clicking here!