Why should I join M.A.F.A.


MAFA can help you figure out the best route to achieve your goals, and become a better you. The variety of fitness, weight loss, and MMA options make it exciting to become a member. You’ll never get bored of working out or feel stail. The variety keeps it interesting, and allows members to pick and choose what they want to work on.  The gym offers group and personal training along with specialized weight loss specific programs. It’s completely tailored to all your fitness needs and goals. When you’re feeling beat up with the strength and conditioning side of things, you can spend some time focusing on martial arts, muay thai, or jiu jitsu. 


We offer classes that help lose weight, improve your fitness, and increase your self confidence. All in a very social and comfortable atmosphere. With a variety of classes, you can be sure that everyone is there for the same reasons as you, and are trying to learn and grow together.  People motivate each other and that creates positive feedback that leads to lasting friendships. The high intensity training has endless benefits and will leave you feeling the burn in your muscles, and lungs.

Group Training

The atmosphere in group training is ideal for someone new who struggles to maintain constant motivation. Music, fast paced moves, and coach, keep you motivated and into the workout. It’s a great pick me up and pushes you to realize your full potential.  The group training comes with a certified and experienced coach. These coaches structure the workouts so that they are easy to follow, and will get the sweat flowing. Group training is also a great opportunity to use as a social opportunity to meet new people or come with a group of friends for some friendly competition.

Martial Arts: Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu

MAFA offers a unique perspective on martial arts as a whole. The variety keeps everything fresh, and allows members to experience different disciplines to see what they like or discover something new.  At MAFA, the opportunity to learn and grow are endless. You can learn how to use your first in boxing, through a knee in muay thai, or choke someone out in jiu jitsu. All different moves and skill sets that help you build discipline and confidence.

Weight loss is usually the goal for people that join, as MMA and fitness classes burn a ton of calories in a relatively short time period.  It’s a unique mix of workouts and combinations of classes available. Find out more about us here and get started today.

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